Skier Etiquette

Some Basics

Club activities often take place on privately owned property.  Please treat other people’s property with care and respect.  Property owners have ultimate discretion as to what is and is not allowed on their property.

We are a family-friendly organization.  Behavior that is inappropriate around children will not be tolerated.

Alcoholic beverages must be consumed responsibly, by adults only.  PISC does not provide alcoholic beverages at any time.

We are a non-smoking organization.  Smoking is not allowed at club events or on club member’s property.

We use to notify our membership of upcoming events.  Our site is


Skier Etiquette

Here are some tips to ensure a smooth and fun time on the water for Club Skiers.

Sign up.  Space is limited and often fills up quickly.  Keep an eye on the Meetup site and sign up to ski.

Show up.  Don’t sign up if you can’t show up.  Space is limited, and you will be denying someone else a chance to ski.  If you can’t make it, cancel on Meetup.   Inside of 2 hours, contact the boat driver.

Have some respect.  Always remember you are on someone else boat, at their discretion.  Be respectful of their time and property.   Different boat owners/operators have different rules and preferences.  If you don’t know, ask.

Be ready to ski.  Time is often limited by the setting sun.  Do your part to ensure that everyone gets as much ski time as possible.

Stick around. Skiers should stick around to help put away gear and wipe down the boat at the end of the evening.  We’ll often do a little after-ski happy hour as well.

Help with gas.  Typically, a donation of $5 – $10 per pull is appropriate.

Say thanks.  A little gratitude goes a long way.  Food or beverages to share goes even longer.