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2019 Membership

Becoming a PISC member for the 2019 season is now a two-step process:

Part 1 – USA Water Ski Membership

All PISC members are required to also become active members of USA Water Ski as part of our club’s affiliation. This can be completed online through USA Water Ski’s website: There are multiple membership options but the only membership options we will be accepting for 2019 are:

  • Individual Active (25 and up)
  • Under 25 Active
  • Family Active

We are excluding the Grassroots Active or the one day passes this year due to additional requirements associated with them for insurance coverage during sanctioned events. Also, as you are signing up, please select “Port Indian Ski Club” from the “Club/Team” drop-down list.

Part 2 – Port Indian Ski Club Dues/Membership Form

The PISC dues have not changed since last year. Individual memberships will be $50 and family memberships will be $75. Boat owners who pull at least two club skis and/or residents of the Port Indian community will not be required to pay these dues. However, everyone is required to at least complete the PISC membership form. All club ski events are first-come, first served, with members having precedence over non-members. For additional information, see our Skier Etiquette page.

5 Responses to Get Involved

  1. Paul says:

    Hi, I live in East Norriton  and have an 18ft bow rider i/o. I am interested in your club. Please give me a call when you have a moment.

    • Dave Wert says:

      Hi Paul,
      I’m just reading your response from 12/31, not sure if you ever got in touch with anyone but feel free to email me for more information. My email is

      Be sure to include your email address and cell number.

      -Dave W

  2. Shelly says:

    Looking for some additional information. What days and times do you ski? What is the site address? Is the 2019 membership packet available?


  3. Agnes Philen says:

    It’s been a long, long time since I was in touch with the wonderful Port Indian Ski Club. Those were the happiest days of my life. My name was Agnes Chicano and my best friend, Marie Derr ( now deceased) were avid skiers and devoted to the Club. At one point I was head of the Costume Committee which designed the costumes for the great intermission of the Speed boat races. To this day, I say our show was much better that the show in Florida.

    I left the Ski Club when I married at age 21 and retired to the Shore in Tuckerton, NJ.
    Marie and I continued to ski down at the shore where she passed away several years ago. At one point, our 17-year old baref00t skier came down for a visit and skied behind a 40 foot cabin cruiser out on the bay. It was April and we thought he would freeze to death. But we all had some fun. What memories. I’m 82 now and think of those wonderful days out on the Schuykill. Enjoy what you have because somehow those days get away from you.

    With all my love to all you great members and folks who live along the river. My memories are still good and when I want to think of happy times, I recall my time on the River.

    God Bless,

    Agnes (Chicano) Philen (

  4. Agnes Philen says:

    To the lovely girl who replied to my Post on Oct 2, thank you for the kind remarks you made. I have a few more recollections where we had an awful lot of fun on the river. Question – Is the GE Plant still up the river still in operation or did it close many years ago? We used to put our skis in the boat at dusk and enjoy the warm water the Plant had to offer. It felt good when the nights became chilly and we finished skiing., Anyway, I apologize for losing that last reply but, maybe, I’ll hear from you again. Kindly, Aggie Philen

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