Big News For The Summer

Slalom Course

We are ordering a new permanent slalom course. When everything arrives, we’ll need help with its assembly and installation. Please let me know if you have any interest in helping out.

Eastern Regionals Barefoot Championships and Fun Tournament

During the weekend of July 14th, 2018, PISC is proud to announce that it will be hosting the Eastern Regional Barefoot Championships. This will be a record capable tournament and will feature all three barefoot events (slalom, trick, and jump). Some of the best footers will be competing and it will be a great opportunity meet and ski with them. However, don’t think you need to be good at barefooting to complete. Any level of barefooter is welcome to complete in the tournament. Additionally, we’ll also be hosting a Fun Tournament for those of us that may not barefoot. We’re putting together a planning committee for this event and if you have any interest in joining the committee, please reach out to Rich Kaufman.

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