Ski Freeze 2017

Here are a few amazing facts from our 2016 Ski Freeze…

  • Twenty two skiers this year!  Nearly double our usual dozen.  Many were first time Ski Freezers who heard about the event by word of mouth and our advance story in the Times Herald.  This is how an event grows.
  • This year it was good to know that we had professionals looking out for the safety of our skiers.  Many thanks to Oram Adamson, Paul Benz and Jack Pacillo from the Jeffersonville FD Water Rescue team.
  • Also new this year – a parade of chrome and thunder!  Fifty motorcyclists from the A Team came roaring in at the start of the event.  The A Team is an amazing bunch of men and women that ride around our community and do amazing good things for people in need.  The A Team heard about our event, and jumped in with both feet.  In addition to putting on an amazing show, they donated over $1500 for Camp Rainbow!  We are proud to have them as our partner for Ski Freeze 2016 and look forward to working with them again next year!
  • And even more new stuff – 16 beautiful antique and classic cars, 40 really cool beanies (sold out in 2 hours!), one AMAZING National Anthem, and a big, blue, awsome DJ and skier registration booth, thanks to the handiwork of Dave Wert.
  • We started on time, ended on time, and more or less followed the plan, in between!
  • Record number of raffle and auction items!  I wish I would have gotten a listing of all of them, but the raffle table was full! Incredible job and thanks to all that donated raffle items!
  • We also had some organizations that helped us out so significantly, both with donations and with the amount of help they provided, that we felt it was proper to list them as Sponsors of the 2016 Ski Freeze.  These included Bridgeport Rib House, Dietz and Watson, Offshore Marine, Welsh Subaru, Nippers Pub and Pizza, JPro Pools, Cycle Stop and Coffee Works Too.  Please send your business their way whenever you can.  Huge, huge thanks to them for their support!
  • In the weeks following the event, donations from Ski Freeze have continued to trickle in.  Revised total donations received for Camp Rainbow, as of Mar 1 are now just over

$9000.00 !!!

I want to take a moment to say what a pleasure it is to work with a core group of organizers that care about Ski Freeze, and who genuinely get excited about putting this event together.  You all know who you are, and working with you guys made planning this thing a blast!

However, it is clear to anyone that was there, that Ski Freeze has now become “a big event”.  It could not have been pulled off by just a small handful of organizers, no matter how driven or enthusiastic.  The success of this year’s event depended on, and belongs to, everyone that pitched in, in ways both large and small.   A very heartfelt thank you to everyone who was there serving food, assisting skiers, selling raffle tickets, and freezing their butts off for the event.  The same heartfelt thank you also goes to all who couldn’t be there, but donated time, effort, goods or cash, in the days and weeks leading up to Ski Freeze.  All of our skiers stayed safe, all spectators got a great show and a fun afternoon, and we raised a bunch of money for our friends at Camp Rainbow.  We all should be proud of what we accomplished this year.  Awesome!

Thanks so much, once again, to everyone that helped with this very valuable and important event.

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