Weeds are Creating a Problem and Must be Cleared Saturday

On Sunday, Sept 25th, the Kings Head Regatta will take place in Port Indian. This year the weeds are creating a problem and must be cleared in the rowing lanes. The Valley Forge Watershed Association has volunteered to help clear the rowing lanes. The members of the Upper Merion Boat Club are clearing the river banks from the staging area in front of #70 W Indian Lane
to the Upper Merion Boat Club. We have been asked to clear the middle of the river rowing lanes from #1 West Indian Lane to #70 West Indian Lane.

I am asking permission from the owners of 93 West to use one of the two extra starting docks that are tied off in the river to transport the weeds collected in the river to a shore location. We have a plan to use two boats to drag a chain to pull the weeds from the river bottom, winch them up to the barge and remove the weeds from the chain. The weeds will be transported on the starting dock to a ramp and loaded into a dumpster.

Additionally, two boats, and my boat, total of three boats will be required. Two boats to pull the six foot chain dragging on the river bed and one to tie up to the starting dock to follow the two drag boats. A small electric motor will be mounted to power the starting dock to a shore ramp to unload. We need volunteer labor to help with loading and unloading of the weeds. The boat owners of both volunteered boats will be paid $100 to cover fuel and miscellaneous occurring boat expense. Clearing the rowing lanes for the Regatta is critical, the weeds must be removed. The weed clearing will start this coming Saturday, September 17th.

Clearing this section of the river is a start on a long range plan being developed by the Upper Merion Boat Club, Boat House Row in Philadelphia and The Valley Forge Watershed Association. It seems like the weeds will need be removed all summer long. The plan is to buy a harvester machine that pulls the weeds and can be shared as needed. We will need all organizations to pull together along with government grants to develop a plan for weed control next year.

Please respond to this request as quickly as possible.

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